Ningxia Red info poster


Ningxia Red is Young Living’s key signature supplement. Here’s a simple poster that you can use to share with your members and friends (download the version with the blank space on your phone and follow the step by step video tutorial below) Download the one below:   Step by step video tutorial on how to add your name and info … Read More

Women’s Empowerment Poster


Women make up over 80% of the network marketing industry. The Lavender Life team is about empowering women to feel confident, and feel supported through the journey on building a business while juggling all the many other responsibilities. Here is a poster featuring a quote by Kofi Annan that you can use to share on social media. In the blank … Read More

Customizing a promo poster


From time to time, Young Living will offer special promotions in your market. You can take advantage of this to expand your business and invite new customers to join you by creating your own posters, or use one of ours and just customize it by adding your name and contact information. For Lavender Life members, you’re welcome to download this … Read More

Easy and effective way to overcome sleep issues


Ever find yourself struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep? Here’s a solution that works. Essential oils have many various uses, and one of their commonly known uses is in helping us relax, which of course would be useful when bedtime comes. nstead of being stuck with one design for your next project, X is a gift that keeps on … Read More

Soothe a stomach discomfort with this combo


I woke up this morning and had a really bad tummy ache. Guess I gotta blame it on the samyang spicy korean noodles I had late last night. So anyway I knew it wasn’t gonna get any better until I did something about it so I pulled out this combo: Peppermint + DiGize and a capsule of Digest & Cleanse.. … Read More

Clearing Negative Energies with White Angelica

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White Angelica Essential Oil is a spiritual oil blend that has ten therapeutic grade oils. When I think of White Angelica, the power and protection of Angels comes to mind. It increases the aura around the body and creates a feeling of “wholeness”. Buy White Angelica Essential Oil Here! For those who need protection from abuse or who are feeling … Read More