Essential Oils.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are nature’s wonder workers. They are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that are found in various parts of plants, such as the roots, leaves, stems, flowers or bark. These are the crucial compounds that protect the plant by warding off pests and heal it from injury and infection. 

Extracted using a careful distillation process, essential oils are highly concentrated and contain the true essence of the plant it came from.

This includes not only the fragrant aroma, but also the plant’s beautiful healing properties.

Essential Oils in your daily life

Essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

These oils are crazy versatile and oh so good for you. With your essential oils, you can;

  • Inhale the gorgeous scents to lift your mood, boost concentration and relieve stress
  • Diffuse them to create a soothing sanctuary
  • Punch up the flavor in yummy natural recipes
  • Make your own beauty products specially suited for your skin
  • Replace toxic chemicals in your home
  • Relax sore muscles and address common ailments
  • And so much more!

They work their magic in many ways, from their beautiful scents, to natural health care and beauty remedies, food preparation and toxic-free living.

Making the Right Choice.

There are thousands of brands selling essential oils – most are adulterated and cut with synthetic fillers and chemicals that pose threats to our health.

It is incredibly important – and we cannot stress this enough – that you're brutally selective with what essential oils you choose to use. Purity is paramount.

This is why we’ve chosen to align ourselves with Young Living essential oils, because of their unparalleled commitment to purity that gives us the safest, most effective and highest quality essential oils on the planet.

Young Living is the only company to own and operate their own farms, and partner with farms all over the world to give us a truly diverse range of essential oils.

In addition to their Seed to Seal process, Young Living tests their oils before, during and after the distilling process to ensure that there are zero contaminants.

As mindful consumers, we strive to only select products that are deliver the best results while being as safe and as affordable as possible. These oils deliver exactly that.